Fond Farewell to our Part 1 Architect Assistant – Max

August 10, 2022

Bluesky’s mentoring scheme bridges the gap between university and architecture in practice. Part 1 students will spend time with our Architectural and Architectural Technologist team to help develop their knowledge and understanding of RIBA work stages.

Every student is partnered with a mentor from the start of their placement to provide guidance and support, as well as giving the students challenging and diverse work opportunities which will go on to help them in the future.

Max has been working for Bluesky as a Part 1 student over the last 12 months and leaves in August.

Max Said: “My time working at Bluesky Architects has provided me with invaluable experience, which will aid me in my professional development to become a fully qualified architect. I have worked alongside the Bluesky team, as well as people from other disciplines, to gain a greater understanding of the working environment of an architectural practice.

I have worked on a wide range of projects, including schools, health centres and firing ranges, which have all presented me with various tasks and challenges, all of which have been extremely beneficial to my development. Even though I have predominantly been working on the early stages of the RIBA Plan of Work, I have gained greater knowledge of all the stages through the work that my colleagues have undertaken.

I have experienced site visits, public consultations, meetings, and internal team discussions which have all equipped me with vital experience of the working environment, as well as improving my own communication skills. I am also grateful to have been involved in CPD training, which provides extracurricular information on various topics that relate to various facets of the industry.

My digital software skills have greatly improved during my time at the company, through learning new tools and techniques that I was previously unaware of. By learning this new information, it has provided me with new methods of designing and representing ideas. The mentoring and aid that I have received has helped me grow as both a professional and individual, with my self-confidence and personal skills particularly improving.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that I have been given at Bluesky, as well as for the help and support I have received from my colleagues. I feel that the time that I have spent here has been incredibly rewarding, with the whole experience equipping me in the best possible way for returning to university to continue my architectural journey.”