Easy Direct Architectural Appointments

April 21, 2020

While the team might still all be working at home, client engagement and creative collaboration is still continuing through the ‘virtual’ world.

We are an innovative industry and it’s been great to see how everyone working together on our current projects have come together to keep these schemes moving forward.

So, it’s business as (sort of) usual and we are responding to all new client enquiries.

A great way to get your project moving forward quickly without the need for long procurement routes is via the NHS Business Services Framework. Bluesky are appointed on this framework for architectural design services.

The framework is free for any public sector partners and is OJEU compliant.

Bluesky Design Services have extensive experience in the health, education, blue light, residential and commercial sectors, delivering designs via traditional, off-site and modern methods of construction solutions acting as lead design or technical advisors.

With easy direct appointments we can help get your project moving and you can save time and money not having to undertake lengthy procurement processes.

Our services cover RIBA job stages 0-7:

  • Developing the initial project brief
  • Developing concept designs and feasibility studies
  • Gaining planning approvals
  • Technical Design
  • Construction Information and supervision
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Client Design Advisory Service
  • Technical Advisers

Get in touch to discuss your project needs with our team:

T: 0161 475 0220