How working together makes us better together

December 17, 2018

Alison Quinn, Deputy Managing Director at Bluesky Design Services talks about Bluesky’s integrated ‘one team’ ethos to design and about the positive impact being part of Willmott Dixon’s Design Consortium in Manchester is already having.

‘Delivering a high-quality design or project in perfect silos of individual disciplines is never going to lead to an end result that anybody is happy with.

At Bluesky we have always focused on how excellence can be achieved through integrated design. This means we hold a ‘one team’ approach high on our priority list for any project. ‘One team’ is broader than just us Architects; it means all aspects of the design and contractor team and the ultimate client; our end user.

This isn’t an easy thing unless all parties have the same vision and approach. This is why being part of Willmott Dixon’s Manchester Design Consortium fills us with joy….yes a possibly ‘cheesy’ statement to make but their commitment to ‘Better Together’ isn’t just a buzz word.

It’s very clear throughout the process of applying to be part of the Consortium through to the consultative approach and implementation experience that Willmott Dixon has both a business and individual commitment to inspiring effective collaboration at all levels of the organisation.

Inspiring and enabling better creative, innovative and effective collaboration underpins  the business’ vision to deliver a ‘perfect product’ for all customers. A focus for the Design Consortium is on how working together makes us better together.

Being set challenges to be ‘unafraid to dream big’, be ‘obsessed about quality’ and ‘create solutions’ is every architect’s ambition. Willmott Dixon even recently hosted a Better Together Expo in Rochdale which brought together its Design Consortium and supply chain to exhibit and share best practice and innovative products, all under one roof!

Everyone is investing time and ‘heart’ into this vision. It’s fun too…. we’ll let the pictures of team events speak for themselves! It’s great to get to know each other and develop the team understanding outside of the normal working routine. Don’t worry, discussing how we implement BIM effectively always brings us back down to earth!

We have great partnership relationships across all sectors with many organisations and pride ourselves on our client centered approach. It’s one of the many things we do well at Bluesky…if you won’t take my word for it, ask our partners.’

 Blue Sky Design Services have extensive experience in the health, education (including off-site and modern methods of construction), blue light, residential and commercial sectors.

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 You can learn more about Willmott Dixon’s recent ‘Better Together’ Expo visit here.