Benjamin Sayers Joins Bluesky from Sheffield Hallam University

November 1, 2017

Benjamin Sayers joins us from Sheffield Hallam University. Ben joins us in the role of Architectural Assistant Part 1 with a view to completing his 12 month PEDR (Professional Experience and Development Record). Welcome to the team!

Since starting my Part 1 placement year at Bluesky Design Services I have certainly been kept very busy, constantly learning and adapting my skillset for each project that I have been involved in. Most of the work I am doing is residential, however, I am also working on a few healthcare projects so there is always something different to be doing every day. There is always a sense of the people involved, including myself, bouncing new ideas around to bring together a proposal. I believe working on these projects from the very early concept design stages will benefit my professional progression as I will see through each of the work stages that the residential developments are going through. This is fortunate for myself, as I can ask questions, offer my solutions to the problems we come across and sit in on client meetings to share my thoughts on the project. On top of this, all the staff in the office are all very friendly, approachable professionals that are always happy to offer advice or their help whenever I ask! It is also a working environment that encourages you to work well, from the continued support from my mentor to the staff oriented approach from Bluesky as a company. I’m very happy to be starting off my professional career at Bluesky Design Services!

Benjamin Sayers | Bluesky